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CASE STUDY 26 Jan 2018

Energy efficient modernisation of Russian hotel

CASE STUDY 02 May 2016

Longstanding shipbuilding company invests in new production machinery

CASE STUDY 29 Oct 2015

Russian barbershop benefits from energy efficiency measures

CASE STUDY 15 Oct 2015

New steam turbine in Russian pulp and paper company improves environment

CASE STUDY 14 Oct 2015

Russian toy producer improves its efficiency with new technology

CASE STUDY 23 Sep 2015

Russian car repair service becomes energy efficient

CASE STUDY 12 Aug 2015

Frozen seafood company replaces old refrigerator trucks, Russia

CASE STUDY 23 Jun 2015

New sprayer for fertilizers reduces Russian farm’s costs and improves environment

CASE STUDY 17 Jun 2015

Russian health resort installs co-generation technologies

CASE STUDY 16 Jun 2015

Russian chemical company invests in equipment modernisation

CASE STUDY 16 Jun 2015

Replacement of a centralized boiler in Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia

CASE STUDY 16 Jun 2015

Energy efficient modernisation of Russian hotel

CASE STUDY 10 Jun 2015

Russian shoe producer benefits from energy efficient modernisation

CASE STUDY 18 May 2015

Energy efficient pizza and dumplings in Russia

CASE STUDY 15 Apr 2015

Russian furniture manufacturer saves energy with a new boiler

CASE STUDY 19 Nov 2014

Russian warehouse operator benefits from automatic weather-controlled heating system

CASE STUDY 18 Mar 2014

Energy assessments for residential houses provide guidance for residents in Russia

CASE STUDY 22 Aug 2013

Sewage system modernisation in Russian multi-storey residential building

CASE STUDY 19 Jun 2013

Modernisation of the heating system in Russian multi-storey apartment building

CASE STUDY 23 May 2013

Russian multi-storey apartment house gets a facelift