Success Stories

Successful projects are often the inspiration for new green investment opportunities. The examples provided here demonstrate what has already been achieved with GEFF expertise and financial help.


Dijla Company for Food Industries

11.04.2023 -

In the heart of a bustling factory, where the air was filled with the hum of machinery, a new chapter was about to unfold. This is the story of Dijla Company for Food Industries, a beacon of innovation in the realm of frozen meat products. This initiative aligns with the company’s commitment to reducing environmental


Clara Water and the Circular Economy

10.04.2023 -

Picture a marketplace teeming with single-use plastic bottles, discarded carelessly after just one sip of refreshment. It is a scene all too familiar, a cycle of consumption with no end in sight. But amidst this backdrop, CLARA Water stood firm, offering an alternative that was as refreshing as it was revolutionary – reusable glass water