Success Stories

Successful projects are often the inspiration for new green investment opportunities. The examples provided here demonstrate what has already been achieved with GEFF expertise and financial help.


Green technologies contribute to business development in the Republic of Moldova

13.10.2022 -

The company has installed a Solar Photovoltaic Plant, with an installed power of 493 kW, which will be able to provide 100% of the energy required for refrigerating operations. According to the estimates, the investment will generate approximately 570 MWh of green electricity per year and will contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions


The Green Technology Selector boosts green investments in photovoltaic sector in Moldova

13.07.2022 -

Mardivitana Dulgheru SRL, established in 2013 sell furniture, building materials and home appliances in Cantemir, in the south part of Moldova. The owners decided to upgrade the heating system in the showroom, switching from an old wood & charcoal stove system to modern electric heaters powered by renewable energy. The Company will install a 225



21.01.2022 -

Skyvolt SRL, established in 2017 will build and operate a 1 MWel solar photovoltaic system in Sîngerei, in Northern region of the Republic of Moldova. The Company was granted the status of eligible producer by the National Agency for Energy Regulation (ANRE) in 2020. According to the national Energy Efficiency Agency, 61 companies have obtained


Moldovan Bakery saves 98% of primary energy consumption

25.09.2020 -

Nina Patic II is a small bakery in the town of Orhei, 40 kilometres from the capital of Moldova. Established in 1999, the bakery offers a variety of services apart from bread production. The bakery decided to apply to EBRD MoSEFF, predecessor of GEFF, for loan financing to install a modern heat distribution system and replace


Moldovan carpet producer achieves energy savings

21.08.2020 -

Covoare-Ungheni is the largest carpet producer in Moldova. With the production capacity of five million square meters per year, it supplies the products to Europe and the neighbouring countries. To reduce its energy consumption and production costs, the company decided to invest in equipment modernization and addressed MoSEFF for financing. The MoSEFF team supported the company with