55 vendors in the Republic of Moldova are going green and digital with over 600 products

A large number of vendors and suppliers of green technologies on the Moldovan market are now listed in the Green Technology Selector (GTS) implemented by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).  The GTS is an innovative tool that allows companies and individuals who want to invest in energy efficiency or renewable energy, choose their products online from a wide list of best available technologies. Products listed on the GTS meet EBRD’s strict technical performance criteria and are considered pre-approved for green financing via local financial institutions.

GTS is an online platform of “green” products and technologies made available to individuals and legal entities to facilitate the implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. The list of available products is constantly updated to meet customer needs, and is an additional marketing opportunity for local technology providers. Globally, the GTS includes more than 20 thousand products that improve energy efficiency, provide renewable energy, and reduce water use and soil erosion.

A wide selection of over 600 products for the agricultural, commercial and residential sectors is readily available on the Moldovan version of the GTS platform including among others: photovoltaic panels, building insulation materials, LED lighting, heat pumps, industrial processing equipment, drip irrigation systems as well astechnologies for sustainable land management and rainwater harvesting.

The technologies included in the GTS are eligible for financing under the Green Economy Financing Facility (GEFF). GEFF in Moldova provides a credit line of up to EUR 20 million through local banks and free advice on selecting the best suitable technology for your case.   GEFF makes available a team of financial and engineering experts from RINA and Frankfurt School of Finance and Management: the Facility Consultant (FC). The FC is made available at no further cost for the sub-borrowers thanks to the co-financing of the Green Climate Fund and Ministry of Finance and Treasury of Turkey.

Loans of up to EUR 300,000 can be accessed for off-the shelf high-performing technologies from the GTS. For complex projects, subject to eligibility confirmation by GEFF experts, loans of up to EUR 500,000 are eligible for investments in the residential sector and up to EUR 5 million for larger commercial projects.
Eligible beneficiaries include individuals, private companies, vendors and manufacturers of equipment or material listed in the GTS.

GEFF is a program of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), implemented in 27 countries, which provided financing of over 4.6 billion euros for more than 190 thousand companies and individuals, thus avoiding emissions of CO2 of over 8.6 million tons per year.