Mini hydro power plant rehabilitation in Ukraine

Energy generation company
Ternopil region, Ukraine
2 hydro turbines 790 kWh each
Investment Size
$5 million
Financial results
$560,000 per year
Energy savings
6,500 MWh per year
CO2 savings
6,884 tonnes of CO2 equivalents per year
Diversification and increased reliability of energy supply

“Energiya-1” is a private company operating small hydro power plants in Ukraine. Company’s ambition is to rehabilitate old, worn out equipment and bring hydropower of small rivers back to life.

The company decided to reconstruct and increase the capacity of a 530 kW run-of-river mini hydro power plant near the existing dam. Electricity sales into the grid at a Green Tariff generates the annual income of $560,000 and allow repaying the investment in nine years.
This project demonstrates that investments in mini hydro power plants are beneficial for all stakeholders and profitable for the developers.