Energy savings in Romanian vegetable preserves company

Alex Star SRL, a producer of pickles, canned vegetables and fruits
Afumati, Romania
Autoclave for food sterilization
Investment Size
Financial results
Payback period of 5 years
Energy savings
CO2 savings
158 tonnes of CO2 per year
Production capacity increased by 52%

Alex Star SRL is an SME producer of pickles, canned vegetables and fruits, established in 1991 in Afumati, Romania.

As part of its energy efficiency programme, the company decided to install a new autoclave for canned vegetables sterilising and addressed RoSEFF for financing.

The RoSEFF team performed analysis of the proposed technology, its potential for energy savings, financial-technical parameters and the profitability of the project.

The €85,500 investment allowed the company to increase its production capacity by 52%, from 5.3 million to 8 million cans per year, and decrease energy consumption by 34%. The energy savings arise from the fact that the new autoclave operates alongside the existing one, using the steam boiler more efficiently. Now the boiler operates much closer to its optimal design efficiency, providing steam for two autoclaves.

This project allowed the company to be more energy and cost efficient, sustain its business and continue employing local people. The project also generated CO2 emissions savings of 158 tonnes per year.

The success of this project led the company to implement a second RoSEFF project in 2016 to purchase new process and handling equipment.