A family in Romania chooses an energy-efficient apartment…

Individual household
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Apartment of 91m2
Investment Size
Energy savings
12.7 MWh/m2/year
CO2 savings
2,6 tons per year
High comfort levels and low energy costs throughout the lifetime of the building.
Global Environment Facility (GEF) and Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF)

… and uses only energy-efficient appliances and gadgets

When Ioana and Alex Maricări decided to buy a newly-built apartment in the city of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, environmental impact was an important aspect in their decision. The Energy Performance Certificate indicates annual energy consumption of heating, hot water and lighting of 91 kWh/m2, which is 61% lower than a typical Romanian dwelling of similar size. As a result, energy bills are expected to be more than €500/year lower than in a typical home.

According to Alex Maricări

“We have a responsibility to future generations to minimise our environmental impact on the planet. Choosing to live in an energy-efficient apartment is one of the most practical ways that our family can minimise our carbon footprint.

Not only does our home have an ‘A Class’ Energy Performance Certificate, but we have also equipped it with low-energy technologies. We have an A+++ washing machine, an A+++ fridge-freezer, LED lighting a condensing gas boiler which feeds an under-floor heating system.

Even the LED TV video projector uses much less electricity than an equivalent TV. And, as our new apartment is on the ground floor, we have garden space to dry the washing naturally.”

UniCredit Bank extended a home mortgage for the apartment using the green mortgage product that it established through the GEFF.

According to Sorin Drăgulin, Product and Retail Segments Director, UniCredit Bank:

“We are the bank for the things that matter to our clients and in this sense, we identify with and support our client’s needs and desires towards adopting a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. EBRD’s Green Economy Financing Facility helps UniCredit Bank to provide financing opportunities in the green mortgage market, a market that is growing.”

Tractebel Engineering, the GEFF Facility Consultant, supported the investment with a written Assessment, confirming technical eligibility of the proposed mortgage to be financed using the facility.

The Green Economy Financing Facility is an initiative of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). GEFFs combine technical knowledge with finance to help clients of participating financial institutions like UniCredit Bank to invest in high-performing technologies. So far, EBRD provided almost €4.2 billion of financing through 130 local financial institutions in 24 countries through GEFF.

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