Energy savings in Romanian airplane production industry

Piese Subansamble Aero
Replacement of old drilling and milling machine with a new triple Axis CNC machine
Investment Size
Energy savings
12.86 kWh per year

Piese Subansamble Aero in central Romania produces parts for aeronautical industry and sells them at the French market for such carriers as Airbus 320 and Airbus 380.

To keep up to the high business standards, the company decided to replace its old drilling and milling unit, dating from 1970, with a new triple axis model expected to bring substantial energy savings.

The company addressed RoSEFF for financing of this project.

The RoSEFF team performed the analysis of this investment, primarily the potential of energy savings, the technical-financial parameters and profitability of the project.

The €248,000 investment allows to increase the production capacity by 2.5 times, while decreasing the absolute energy consumption by 64%. Specific energy consumption decreased by 86%. The investment will repay itself out of energy savings very fast, leaving the cash-flow as an income for the company for years to come.

Such energy efficiency measures not only decrease the energy consumption and bring additional profits, but improve the production process and quality of products – a highly important aspect for the airplane production industry.