Energy efficiency in Romanian printing company

Art March
Timisoara, Romania
Replacement of 6 old printers with one new with increased capacity and lower energy consumption
Investment Size
Energy savings
84% less electricity consumption per square meter of product
2.5 times production capacity increase

Art March in Timisoara, western Romania, is a printing company producing printed materials of different size. Since competition in the printing business is rather tight, the company was looking for ways to improve its competitiveness.

The company decided to replace its six old printing units with one HP Scitex FB 7600, which would improve the production process and consume less energy, hence, will provide energy cost savings.

The company addressed RoSEFF for financing for this project.

The RoSEFF team performed the analysis of this investment, primarily the potential of energy savings, the technical-financial parameters and profitability of the project.

The €592,000 investment allowed the company to decrease the electricity consumption by 84% per square meter of printed product. In addition, the company increased the production capacity by 2.5 times. Cost savings as a result of energy consumption decrease are significant and will repay the investment rather fast, leaving the cash-flow as an income for the years to follow.

This project allows the company to remain in business, increase its sales and margins, provide employment to locals – just few good targets energy efficiency deals with.