A green layer cage system helps preserve the biorhythms of chickens and improve the quality of production

Variant Group LLC
Ararat, Armenia
Layer cage system
Investment Size
US$ 209,000
Energy savings
159 MWh per year
CO2 savings
36 tonnes per year
Operating reliability

Operational efficiency is strongly interlinked with green outputs

Variant Group LLC is a medium-sized egg producer from the Ararat region of Armenia which supplies the local market. This includes retail stores and other food producers.

Taking advantage of green finance in combination with the “State assistance of leasing for financial lending of agri-food equipment in the Republic of Armenia” programme, the company decided to invest in a multifunctional, completely automated layer cage system with feed loading and egg collection as well as an integrated drinking system and manure cleaning component, among others.

Unlike the previous system used, the new layer cages feature more efficient ventilation, which is regulated using four speed-controlled rooftop fans, allowing for precise ventilation rate control. Furthermore, the new system makes it possible to preserve the natural biorhythms of the birds. After installing this new technology, the company will significantly increase its production capacity, contributing to annual savings of 159 MWh of energy and reducing 36 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

“Owing to temperature fluctuations stemming from climate change, egg production in the Ararat region, which mainly serves the central regions of Armenia, has become highly risky. The US$ 209,000 investment makes it possible to care for the birds less risky and more sustainable. This was made possible by investing in world-class technology supplied locally and through green finance offered by a local partner financial institution,” affirms Mr Ashot Matevosyan, Director of Variant Group LLC.

This project was supported by the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and Climate Investment Funds (CIF).