A home made more comfortable and better looking

Lyubomir Tsolev, an individual
Sofia, Bulgaria
New energy efficient windows, high performance roof insulation, intergrated external wall insulation
Investment Size
Financial results
Payback period of 4.3 years; cost savings of €2,147 per year
Energy savings
19,145 kWh per year

Lyubomir Tsolev is a beneficiary of REECL financing. Here he shares his experience of how he benefitted from the programme.

Our building is 95 years old and its old facades have been decaying. The building needed serious insulation and painting. 

We got a REECL loan for replacing the windows, insulation of the walls and roof, and painting the exterior. We managed to complete the project within two months.

About twenty days after project completion, we submitted all the documents needed to receive the investment incentive, and we received it.

The benefits of the project are felt immediately.  The level of comfort is improved, while the heating became more economical and the building looks much better.

I am very pleased with the work of the staff at the participating bank’s office, and with the REECL experts – they were extremely kind, very professional, organised everything very quickly and kept me informed at every stage.

My overall impressions are excellent. The REECL programme is very good and I hope that it expands further, because it can help many Bulgarians.”