A Lebanese manufacturer of phamaceuticals is expected to reduce 40% of conventional energy use using GEFF loan

Modules 1. Factspharmadex s.a.l
Kahaleh- Lebanon
USD 90,000
Investment Size
USD 99,000
Financial results
USD7,333 /year
Energy savings
440 GJ/year
CO2 savings
32 tCO2eq/year
Energy Efficiency

PHARMADEX s.a.l. is one of Lebanon’s leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical products namely tablets, capsules, solutions ,suspensions, creams, ointments, suppositories and other…

The company approached GEFF Lebanon to replace the existing air compressor (63 kW) required for pharmaceutical production with a new and more energy efficient one (30 kW) which is oil and water free as required by the Ministry of Health for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

The installed measure is expected to reduce conventional energy (fossil fuel) use by 40%

GEFF Lebanon has reviewed the technical study submitted by the applicant and concludes that the sub-project is eligible for financing through GEFF Lebanon. The sub-project is estimated to achieve a yearly primary energy savings per USD invested of 1.22 kWh/USD and an average yearly GHG emission reduction per USD invested of 0.32 kgCO2/USD invested.


The Green Economy Financing Facility in Lebanon was developed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and is supported by International Cooperation and Development Fund – (TaiwanICDF)