A new orchard on a hill slope prevents soil erosion and protects a village

Tursunzoda, Tajikistan
Orchard on a hill slope
Investment Size
US$ 10,315
Financial results
Payback in 1 year
Resource savings
5.34 t/year soil savings
EU, GCF, South Korea

Investment in an orchard on a hill slope to boost farming productivity and income

Mr. Karomatullo Ismatov is a farmer with 20 years of experience and manages 3.8 hectares of land. The farm is located in the Tursunzoda district, which is well-known for its high-quality grapes. Considering the comparative advantages of production of grapes in this region, he has decided to shift 1 hectare of land for the planting of a grape orchard.

Mr. Ismatov approached one of the partner banks that the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) works with, and obtained a loan to purchase seedlings and plant them. According to the farmer’s calculations, 4-5 years are needed to collect the first harvest of grapes which could reach 20 tons per ha. In the meantime, he has planted lucerne and water melons between the rows in order to cover some expenses.

The newly planted orchard prevents soil erosion and landslides that had damaged village houses located at the bottom of the hillside in the past. The farmer estimates that annual soil erosion reduction of 5.34 tons would be achieved.

The  European Union investment incentive of 30% is available, which makes the financing more accessible to farmers.

“This investment is very important in preventing soil erosion and ensuring sustainable lands for farming. The new orchard on a hill slope ensures safety and the continued use of the rainfed lands at the bottom of the hill.” said Mr. Karomatullo Ismatov.

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