A sustainable home beneath the hills of Tbilisi

Baltic Investment Group
Tbilisi, Georgia
Thermal insulation of walls and roofs, aluminium windows, heating and air cooling systems, elevators, solar power station
Investment Size
US$ 1,300,000
Energy savings
1,500 MWh per year
Natural gas savings
1,254 MWh per year
Renewable energy
60 kW installed capacity
CO2 savings
70 tonnes per year

The idea of developing an energy-efficient residential complex was born during one of the visits of the founders of Baltic Investment Group (BI Group) to Tbilisi. Experienced developers soon noticed that there was a shortage of energy-efficient residential buildings in the capital, and decided to feel the gap.

In order to finance their investment, they applied for green financing at one of the programs partner financial institutions. Thanks to the evaluation by the engineers and the financing BI Group were able to install European quality energy-efficient materials and technologies, that resulted in total cost-savings of US$ 45,o00, which will be reflected in the utility bills for the future residents of the complex.

Namai Vake is one of the most energy-efficient residential complexes in Tbilisi. Apart from installing an array of high-performing technologies, the complex is equipped with solar power station that generates and supplies the common areas with electricity.

“We care about quality in all its forms. Energy-efficient technology, renewable energy – all of this makes a more sustainable living and a healthier environment for all of our residents”, – Vygantas Zenkevicius, Director of BI Group

The project is supported by the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF).