A Tajik female vendor of resource saving technologies increases sales

Individual entrepreneur
Khuroson, Tajikistan
LED lightings, plastic pipes
Investment Size
US$ 22,164
Financial results
Payback in 2.5 years
Energy savings
2,148 GJ/year
Water savings
27,327 m3/year
CO2 savings
1.95 tonnes/year
EU, GCF, South Korea

Female entrepreneurs’ green investment to boost sales

Ms. Maryam Taghaimurodova worked as a seamstress for many years, but 3 years ago she decided to open a retail store as there was no such store in the Khuroson district, South of Tajikistan. This business idea had provided work for her family members and her two children are directly involved in the business. Among the goods on offer are personal necessities, stationery items and consumer goods. The store sells also different small equipment, LED lightings, plastic pipes for irrigation and other items.

Ms. Maryam Taghaimurodova buys goods in bulk from suppliers in Dushanbe for resale in small quantities to targeted final consumers. In order to purchase the next batch of eco-friendly goods, including LED lightings and plastic pipes for irrigation, she approached one of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) partner banks for a GEFF loan of 22,164 US Dollars. The initiative is an important contribution to enhancing the availability of green technologies in rural areas. This has been well received by the local villagers and businesses.

As a vital component of an efficient irrigation system, plastic pipes help farmers maximise water use efficiency and prevents crop losses due to weather disruptions. LED lights are also preferred due to significant energy savings, durability, safety and enhanced luminosity. The residents of Qizilqala Jamoat can now buy needed products without leaving the village and be more efficient when it comes to using electricity and water.

“We really need such financial support and a key benefit of the concessional loans is the ability to mobilise large levels of upfront financial resources, with affordable terms and conditions. I am trying to buy and sell environmentally friendly, green technologies and being “green”. As additional bonus, the residents are learning about the impacts of green products and technologies and can make better decisions to ensure efficiency in everyday life”, said Ms. Maryam Taghaimurodova.

GEFF Tajikistan is supported by the European Union, the Green Climate Fund and South Korea.

GEFF Tajikistan [Commercial and Residential] helps businesses and households invest in high-performing technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and/or enhance climate resilience. The program supports gender activities that aim to enhance women and men’s equal opportunity to access finance for green technologies.