An energy-efficient new house near Bucharest

Ion Chirea.
Bragadiru, Ilfov County, Romania
New house with Energy Performance Certificate ‘A’
Investment Size
€76,000 (equivalent)
Financial results
Around €500/year savings per year.
Energy savings
132 kWh/m/year as compared to a typical home in Romania.
CO2 savings
20.5 kg/CO2 / mp / an
Low energy use, high comfort levels
Global Environment Facility (GEF) and Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF)

... means comfort and low energy bills at home

Romania’s very hot summers and very cold winters mean that energy performance, lighting and comfort levels are priorities for shrewd buyers new housing.

When Ion Chirea decided to invest in a new family home in Bragadiru, a growing commuter-belt town to the south-west of Bucharest, he included energy efficiency as one of the selection criteria.

According to its A-rated Energy Performance Certificate, the new house will consume less than 98kWh/m2/year, which is much lower than 230kWh/m2/year consumption of a typical home in Romania. As a result, Mr Chirea can expect to pay about €500 per year less on energy than occupants of typical homes of a similar-size (about 100m2).

According to Mr. Chirea

“I appreciate Banca Transilvania’s initiative to encourage the purchase of housing that meets GEFF’s technical performance eligibility criteria.

I think the GEFF programme is a real help for me as a buyer, because it can strengthen my confidence that my family will live in a home where spending will be reduced and affordable.

Last but not least, I would like to make a positive remark to the staff of Banca Transilvania for the way they presented the terms and conditions of this programme, which is addressed to all those who want to add a brick to the construction of a cleaner world, without harmful long-lasting on nature and life”.

Banca Transilvania, a GEFF participating financial institution, used part of its €40 million loan from the European Bank from Reconstruction and Development to provide a mortgage of €36,000 (in local currency) towards the cost of this energy-efficient new home.

According to Andreea Pestriţu, Deputy Director of the Retail Products Department of Banca Transilvania:

“A large number of BT customers find it possible to have a green and at the same time comfortable home. The GEFF mortgage product, which we set up within the EBRD Green Economy Financing Facility, offers us an opportunity to help our customers benefit from of a home that is in harmony with the environment”.

Tractebel Engineering, the GEFF Facility Consultant, supported the investment with a written Assessment, confirming technical eligibility of the proposed mortgage to be financed using the facility.

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