Best ESCO examples from the Western Balkans

Sense ESCO
Replacement of the steam based heating system (district heating) with the new gas heating plant
Investment Size
Financial results
Payback of 6.8 years
Energy savings
611.96 MWh per year
Renewable energy
197.16 MWh per year
Resource savings
Cost savings of €41,056 per year

Sense ESCO implements energy efficiency improvement projects, offering turnkey solutions for optimized and efficient use of energy resources to successful companies. The company offers all project related services that investor may come across, including planning, design, financing, construction and maintenance.
Sense ESCO addressed WebSEFF for loan financing to improve the energy efficiency of the facility owned by Pliva Hrvata (a pharmaceutical company with 90 years of history). Sense ESCO suggested to replace the district heating steam-based heat supply with a new gas heating plant, including absorption heat pump and condensing gas boilers.

The WebSEFF team performed the investment analysis, including the technical-economic parameters and risks to make sure the investment leads to sufficient energy savings and reduction of the CO2 emissions.

The €280,822 investment allowed the company to decrease the energy consumption by 611.96 MWh per year. The project resulted in €41,056 of energy cost savings per year. This allows to repay the investment in less than seven years from the newly generated cash-flows, which in future will become the company’s net income. In addition, the heating plant decreased the CO2 emissions, contributing to mitigating the negative effect of human activity on climate.

This project demonstrates the benefits of utilizing the services of ESCO companies, which take care of all the technical and economic aspects of the energy efficiency projects, while clients and business owners may focus on their core business and its development.