Ukrainian agricultural company invests in energy efficient machinery

Kharkiv region, Ukraine
New combine, tractor, cultivator and seeder and sprinkler unit
Investment Size
Financial results
Payback period of 7 years from energy savings only
Resource savings
Cost savings of $143,000 per year on fuel only
CO2 savings
300 tonnes per year
Austria, EU NIF

Investment in new efficient machinery reduce fuel consumption and improve productivity

Balakliivske is the agricultural and food company established in 1934 in the grain fields area of Eastern Ukraine. The company produces grain and sunflower on the 6,000 hectares of land, processes the grain at own mills and elevators, provides kettle and pig breeding and bread production.

The company contacted UKEEP team for financing to decrease the fuel consumption and operation time. This was much needed to keep up with the tight harvest collection and harvest processing schedule.

The UKEEP team assisted the company with analysis of the proposed technologies and their financial-technical parameters.

The project included replacement of the old machinery with the new combine, the tractor with cultivator, seeder and sprinkler.

The UKEEP investment of $981,800 led to the annual fuel savings of $143,000 and a payback of seven years from energy savings only. The new machinery decreased the operation time, number of failures and repairs, which lead to the improved quality of harvest and elimination of delays in further processes. In addition, the company increased its production capacity.

The successful combination of energy and production efficiency solutions secured the company’s competitiveness in the time of the energy price increase. This way the EBRD through UKEEP supports the sustainable financing of energy efficiency and renewable energy measures by the private sector.