Bosnian apartment building gets a makeover with energy efficiency

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Thermal insulation, PVC windows
Investment Size
Energy savings
43,615 kWh/year
CO2 savings
8,767 kg/year
EU, Austria, WBIF

Winters in the Western Balkans can be harsh. Most buildings are not insulated, which makes staying in houses and apartments cold and uncomfortable. In addition, most residents of this region use energy-inefficient heating methods, which cause significant air pollution from year to year.

The GEFF programme for the Western Balkans also offers a solution for multi-apartment residential buildings, and a good example comes from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Residents of the building in the heart of the old town applied for a loan that helped them insulate their building, turning it not only an energy efficient one, but also into a great example of architecture from the second half of the 19th-century that Sarajevo is proud of.

By investing in thermal insulation and PVC windows, the building’s occupants achieve energy savings of 43,615 kWh per year, and CO2 emissions are reduced by 8,767 kg per year.

The total value of the investment in green technologies was EUR 34,000, which gave the building’s tenants the right to an EU incentive of close to EUR 11,000.

Having made their homes more comfortable, the tenants are now joining forces for their next project – creating a cosy garden where they will plant trees and flowers, make gatherings and enjoy themselves together.

The GEFF programme for the Western Balkans is supported by the European Union (EU), the Federal Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Austria and the Western Balkans Investment Framework in cooperation with the Energy Community Secretariat (ECS).