Bosnian homeowner replaces windows and doors

Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina
PVC windows and doors
Investment Size
Energy savings
1,13 MWh/year
EU, Austria, WBIF

Energy efficiency of windows and doors is one of the most important elements when it comes to energy sustainability of a house or apartment. This is confirmed by numerous examples, and one of them is the example of Adnan Kamaric from Visoko, who decided to replace wooden windows and doors from the 80’s with PVC windows and doors.

Adnan has decided to invest in triple glazing through the GEFF programme for the Western Balkans, which provides better thermal and sound insulation, and reduces energy and money consumption.

The total value of the investment was EUR 2,711, and the amount of EU incentives that the Kamaric family received after the installation of new energy efficient windows and doors was EUR 407.

The built-in PVC windows and doors enable energy savings of 1,13 MWh per year, are of high quality and easy to maintain, and give a better visual appearance to a house from Visoko built in the early 1960s.

The GEFF programme for the Western Balkans is supported by the European Union (EU), the Federal Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Austria and the Western Balkans Investment Framework in cooperation with the Energy Community Secretariat (ECS).