Cheese factory upgrade in Belarus

Belozevskie Cheeses
Brest region, Belarus
Heat exchangers, circulating pumps, control system, pipes, fittings
Investment Size
Financial results
Payback period of 1.2 years; cost savingas of $192,000 per year
Energy savings
CO2 savings
893 tonnes per year
Reduced production costs
Czech Republic

The recovery of heat and cold in milk processing saves company thousands of dollars and pays off in one year

The Belovezhskie Cheeses company in the Brest region of Belarus has been in operation since 1937, producing hard cheese, butter and whey for the domestic, as well as the international market. The company is now actively upgrading its production facilities to remain competitive and secure itself a niche position in the market for the future.

The company applied to BelSEFF to decrease its electricity and gas consumption. One of the ways to achieve this is through the installation of a heat and cold recovery system, allowing it to save substantial amounts of electricity and natural gas consumed in the milk heating process and when cooling.

The project covered the purchase and installation of heat exchangers, circulation pumps, control systems, pipes and fittings.

BelSEFF provided the company with the loan and analysis of the proposed technology, its financial-technical parameters and risks.

The $217,000 investment is expected to generate energy savings of $192,000 per year, proving the investment is highly profitable and will be repaid in just over one year from energy savings alone. In the years to come, the saved costs can be used by the company for expansion or other business purposes.

This project is a good demonstration of how environmentally friendly projects, saving almost 900 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year, can go hand in hand with business development goals, paving the way for wealthy and healthy future.

This project was supported by Czech Republic.