Clean and peaceful living

Lisi FO Ltd
Tbilisi, Georgia
Thermal insulation, windows, doors, heating and cooling systems, LED lighting, elevators
Investment Size
US$ 1,236,000
Energy savings
77.91 MW/h per year
Natural gas savings
846.56 MW/h per year
CO2 savings
202.16 tonnes per year
Creation of an ecologically sustainable living environment

Green technologies enable healthy living – indoors and outdoors

Lisi Green Town is a large-scale residential development in Tbilisi which includes apartments, townhouses and detached houses with parks, pools and a gym. It is one of the first developments in the city to incorporate green measures both inside and outside of the living areas. Rainwater collectors, electric car chargers, over 40,000 trees planted and energy-efficient standards that reduce over 30% of utility costs are just some of the practices that the company has incorporated since the start of operations.

The company is now proceeding to the next phase of construction for a total residential area of up to 25,000 m2. As they are already using sustainable practices, the company approached GEFF for financing to carry out their project.

A team of GEFF consultants analysed the financial and technical parameters of the project and concluded that investing in high-performing technologies in both buildings would bring annual savings of up to US$ 20,000.

The US$ 1,236,000 investment will allow the company to install thermal insulation on walls and roofs, energy-efficient windows and doors, heating and cooling systems, LED lighting systems and elevators that will collectively bring annual savings of 846.56 MWh in natural gas and up to 80 MWh in electricity. In line with the company’s mission to create an eco-oasis in the centre of the city, the investment in the new systems will help it avoid over 200 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

The project is supported by the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF).