Company improves efficiency by investing in green processing line

Karin Komerc MD
Veternik, Serbia
Line for separation of gravel and sand
Investment Size
€ 289,700
Financial results
Savings of € 33,260 per year
Energy savings
100.6 MWh per year
Water savings
190,809 m3 per year
CO2 savings
16.8 tonnes per year
Increased efficiency, reduced water and energy consumption, climate change mitigation
Green Climate Fund, Government of Luxemburg

Company improves efficiency by investing in green processing line

This GEFF investment is helping a Serbian construction and gravel and sand processing company increase process efficiency while saving energy and reducing water use.

Karin Komerc MD was established in Veternik, Serbia in 2005 and employs over 500 people. The company undertakes large-scale construction works, produces concrete and extracts and processes gravel and sand.

The company wanted to modernize its gravel and sand processing operations by opening a new facility using a state-of-the-art Binder+Co machine for gravel and sand separation. The company approached UniCredit Leasing Serbia, a Partner Financial Institution of GEFF Serbia Leasing. The GEFF team assessed the potential of energy and water savings and financial-technical parameters of the project.

This new separation line financed through GEFF Serbia Leasing is based on BIVITEC technology, and Karin Komerc MD is the first company in Serbia to introduce it. This technology is lighter in weight and more efficient in the gravel screening and sand separation process. Compared with the company’s old equipment, separation capacity for gravel is increased from 100m3/h to 150m3/h, while separation efficiency is increased from 85% to 95%.

This investment reduces electricity consumption by 22.5% and cuts greenhouse gas emissions by 16.8 tonnes per year as compared to the company’s old equipment. The new separation line also allows the company to achieve a 34% savings in water consumption – in other words 190,809 m3 per year. The investment saves the company over €33,000 annually in reduced fuel and maintenance costs.

Karin Komerc MD is committed to doing business in line with principals of green and sustainable development. In addition to the investment in the Binder+Co machine for gravel and sand separation financed through GEFF Serbia Leasing, the company has also recently used its own funds to replace its older generation trucks with new, more modern vehicles with Euro 6 engines, which reduce emissions of harmful exhaust gases. “Our company strives to be competitive on the market while perusing green growth objectives” company management says.

The Green Economy Financing Facility Serbia Leasing (GEFF Serbia Leasing) was developed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and is supported by the Green Climate Fund and the Government of Luxembourg.

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