Computer company reduces energy costs and improves comfort

Bilgicom SRL, a computer trading company
Comrat, Moldova
HVAC system replacement; solar PV system
Investment Size
Electricity savings
Renewable energy
7MWh per year
CO2 savings
11 tonnes per year (64%)
Improved indoor conditions, lower production costs

IT shop invests in energy efficiency

Bilgicom SRL is a small trading company offering more than ten thousand units of computer equipment in Moldova’s southern city of Comrat. The company constantly enhances its capacity by increasing the number of products, additional services and training staff.

After fourteen years in business, the company focused on another aspect of business development – energy efficiency of production.

The company applied to MoSEFF to finance the replacement of a HVAC system and installation of a small PV system. Considering the southern location and Moldova’s electricity market, the investment was deemed to be very profitable.

The MoSEFF engineering team assisted the company with verification of the technology, its technical and economic parameters, and profitability.

The €20,767 investment led to almost 50 per cent electricity savings, giving Bilgicom more independent from the volatile electricity market. The project significantly decreased production costs, keeping prices as low as possible for the customer, without reducing margins. Last, but not least, both the staff and the clients now enjoy the improved indoor conditions in the company’s shop.

The company has now become a promoter of renewable energy  demonstrating the best practices of responsible business. Such examples stimulate people to improve their quality of life and nurture a culture of wise and careful attitudes to the environment and its resources.

This way the EBRD, through MoSEFF, supports implementation of sustainable energy projects by the private sector. Together, the private, residential and public sectors can make a change in energy consumption patterns and contribute to environmental protection.