Confectionary company invests in energy efficient building renovation, Bulgaria

Fiesta 13 Ltd., a confectionary and food retailer
Pleven, Bulgaria
Thermal insulation, energy efficient windows and doors, solar water heating system, modern ventialtion system, an air-to-ait heat pump and a natural gas boiler for space heating/cooling
Investment Size
Financial results
Payback period of 4 years; annual energy cost savings of €49,000
CO2 savings
530 tonnes of CO2 per year

Fiesta 13 Ltd is a family-owned confectionery and food retailer established in 2003 in Pleven, Bulgaria. In 2011, the company purchased a building and further renovated it and its energy systems with the support of BEERECL.

The project included thermal insulation of the building, replacement of old doors and windows with the energy efficient ones, installation of a modern ventilation system, heat pump and gas boiler for space heating and cooling, and a solar water heating system.

The company applied to BEERECL for a loan and advisory package. The BEERECL team performed analysis of the investment, particularly the potential for energy savings, technical-financial parameters, risks, implementation and environmental aspects.

The €201,500 investment allowed the company to completely renovate the building and tremendously improve the comfort and working conditions, improving the company’s image.

The energy cost savings of €49,000 per year allow the company to repay the investment from savings in just four years, with future cash-flows becoming company income further on.

This is a clear example of the effect of energy efficiency measures in buildings and the scale of savings that can be achieved – an example to be successfully replicated to the benefit of the owner, the tenants and the local community.