Constructing energy efficient buildings in Türkiye

Sahanlar Insaat
Denizli, Türkiye
New building project
Energy savings
26,238 kWh per year
CO2 savings
6 tonnes per year

Higher quality of life and lower energy bills for residents

A construction company in Türkiye built two energy efficient building blocks. They provide high quality of life and lower energy bills for the residents.

Sahanlar Insaat is a medium sized construction company in Denizli, Aegean region in Türkiye. The company aims to build high quality buildings for their customers and considers energy efficiency an integral part of its vision.

When the company started their new construction project in Denizli, it already decided to implement several energy efficiency measures. Sahanlar Insaat applied for a loan with Türkiye Residential Energy Efficiency Financing Facility (TuREEFF), the facility’s technical team supported the company to implement further measures for reaching B energy class which provides nearly 20% more efficiency than buildings with C standard level.

As a result of these measures, now the residents of this project are living in better conditions and pay less towards their energy bills.

This new residential project with EPC B Class led to a reduction of the CO2 emissions by 6 tonnes per year, while also providing 26,238 kWh/year energy saving.

TuREEFF in Türkiye was developed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and is supported by the Climate Technology Fund under the Clean Investment Funds (CIF) and European Union (EU).