Deep freeze fruits and vegetables with energy efficient equipment

A fruit and vegetable processing company
Warsaw, Poland
Cooling system replacement
Investment Size
PLN 162,954
Financial results
Payback period 1 year; cost savings PLN 11,598 per year
Energy savings
21 MWh per year (24%)
CO2 savings
20 tonnes per year
Improved financial standing and competitiveness

Investment in a new cooling system pays off in one year and improves the production

The client is an SME company established in 1944 and specialising in production, storage and export of frozen fruit. The company is located in an environmentally clean region and gets its raw materials from the surrounding villages.

To reduce energy consumption and improve product quality, the company decided to replace the cooling system.

The company approached PolSEFF for affordable financing and technical advice on this investment. The PolSEFF team performed an analysis of the proposed technology, its potential for energy savings and profitability.

The investment of PLN 162,954 allowed the company to reduce its energy consumption by 21 MWh per year, resulting in cost savings of approximately PLN 11,598 per year. The investment will be repaid from energy savings in just one year. In addition, the company reduced its CO2 emissions contributing to the mitigation of the negative effects of human activity on the climate.

This project demonstrates that energy savings are possible across a wide range of sectors and technologies. The project is supported by Polish National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFOS).