Domty Sees a 45% production increase by adopting energy-efficient solutions

Giza governorate, Egypt
Energy efficient production line
Investment Size
USD 836,827
Financial results
45% Production Capacity Increase
Energy savings
90.3 MWh per year
CO2 savings
18 tonnes per year

At Domty, production is up and energy consumption is down! Thanks to an efficient Tetra Pack line.

The Arabian Food Industries Co. (Domty) is one of the largest Juice, and dairy producers in Egypt. The Company was initially established in 1990 with only 2 types of cheese. Domty now offers a wide range of products and flavours and is now exporting to over 30 countries worldwide.

Committed to reducing production costs and enhancing capacity, Domty implemented a critical upgrade at its production facility in the Giza Governorate. The company replaced an outdated Tetra Pak line with production capacity of 5,500 packages per hour with a new line capable of producing 8,000 packages per hour. The new line is also more efficient in terms of electricity consumption. It reduced the average consumption ratio from 5.99 kWh per tonne of product to 4.46 kWh.

With an investment of $836,827, Domty realized a remarkable 25% reduction in primary energy consumption, equivalent to 90.3 MWh per year. Moreover, the new Tetra Pak line led to a 45% increase in production capacity.

With regards to the environmental impact, this investment allowed Domty to claim a reduction in CO2 emissions of 18 tonnes per year, thus making a valuable contribution to mitigating the effect of human activities on climate.

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