Efficiency in a nutshell

Anigozi Ltd
Martkopi, Georgia
Building performance improvement
Investment Size
€ 225,395
Energy savings
3.53 MWh per year
CO2 savings
3.78 tonnes per year
Cost and energy saving

A Georgian walnut and almond company builds an energy-efficient building for their business

Anigozi LTD started out in the Georgian agricultural industry by planting and harvesting walnuts, which the company supplied to local markets, in addition to exporting to various countries.

After years of working in the field, the company decided to upgrade their operations completely, in order to ensure the high quality of their product. The first step of their strategic plan was to build a facility to store their produce as well as house their operations.

Seeking out new opportunities, the company applied for green financing. As part of the application process, Anigozi LTD received a detailed assessment of the project’s technical and financial parameters from GEFF consultants.

An investment of € 225,395 will make it possible for the company to construct an energy-efficient building that will lead to savings of up to € 3,000 annually. All of the walnuts and almonds harvested by Anigozi LTD will now be processed and stored in a facility which offers the necessary conditions essential for maintaining the quality of the company’s product.

The project is supported by EU and Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF).