Efficient central hot water distribution for apartment blocks in Varna

Veolia Energy Varna EAD, Bulgaria
Varna, Bulgaria
pipe insulation; recirculation control; remote metering; air to water heat pump for CDHW; heat exchanger for CDHW
Investment Size
EUR 915,000
Financial results
Payback of from 1 to 4 years
Energy savings
4,575 MWh per year
CO2 savings
3,125 tonne per year
reduced energy bills; improved service

With REECL funding, Veolia Energy Varna updated the central domestic hot water distribution systems in Varna

Veolia Energy Varna EAD, part of the France-based Veolia Energy Group, operates the district heating network in the city of Varna providing hot water and space heating to over 15,000 customers. With REECL funding, Veolia Energy Varna carried out surveys and proposed tailored optimal solutions to the apartment owners to update and integrate all the CDHW system components into a well-functioning system to achieve higher efficiencies of hot water distribution.

The Kozloduy International Decommissioning Support Fund (KIDSF) supported the project by providing investment incentives and technical assistance why the REECL team through survey review advised on optimal solutions and ensured the completed systems met all the REECL eligibility criteria.

The project costs financed by the REECL revolving credit line were €915,000 in total making it possible to modernise over 130 CDHW systems in communist-era, prefabricated apartment blocks. The best paybacks came from switching from electric immersion boilers to CDHW supply from the district heating network or a heat pump.  Savings were achieved by insulating pipes, installing meters for online remote reading, replacement of old cold /hot water pipes. This system lowered the costs for hot water by up to 90% and a total reduction of the CO2 emissions by 3,125 tonne per year.

Mr. Kostov, Sales Manager of Veolia Energy Varna, shared that the REECL revolving credit line helped them improve customer satisfaction, reduce the impact on the environment, increase energy efficiency and optimize energy costs for their customers.

REECL Facility in Bulgaria was developed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and is supported by the Kozloduy International Decommissioning Support Fund (KIDSF).