Efficient use of energy in an old multifamily apartment building

Aviator 17
Kyiv, Ukraine
Thermal insulation of walls
Investment Size
Financial results
Incentive of €20,640
Energy savings
116,280 kWh per year
CO2 savings
25,656 kg per year
E5P, Sweden

Efficient use of energy in an old multifamily apartment building

Aviator 17, a Ukrainian Homeowners’ Association (HOA) partially insulated façade walls as a first steps to insulate all façade walls to solve the main concern of the residents – low temperature in apartments during the heating period.

Aviator 17, is an HOA that unites co-owners of 226 apartments in a multifamily building located in Kyiv, Ukraine. Its management team decided to improve energy performance of the building by insulating with mineral wool part of the north-oriented façade walls.

In order to finance the project, Aviator 17, reached out to OTP bank to secure a loan of UAH 1,688,874 (equivalent to € 51,600) under the EBRD’s IQ energy programme. Thanks to the loan, the HOA contracted VELIANT BUD, a supplier of materials and installer for thermal insulation of façade walls in the building.

IQ energy team performed the project feasibility analysis by reviewing the application, confirmed that planned energy efficiency project is eligible and in line with the programme requirements. The team also provided technical, administrative and financial planning support to the HOA. Once the equipment was installed, the IQ energy team verified the quality of insulation.

Thanks to this project, 246 households can now feel warm and comfortable in their homes. Monthly heating bills prove the effectiveness of the implemented measure, so the owners are motivated to further improve the level of energy efficiency of their building.

Zhanna Petrus Aviator 17 Manager said: “This project showed us that apartments can be warm and this encouraged us to continue to insulate façade walls of our building.”

An additional advantage of the project is that the homeowners received a modern and attractive appearance of the building that will preserve the building and extend its lifetime for many more years.

This winter season 2019-2020 was unusually warm in Ukraine, nevertheless if we compare heat consumption of HOA building last season calculated based on degree day basis we estimate the savings of consumption to be about 23%. Apart from the partial wall insulation (1,500 m2), this was also achieved thanks to partial facade walls insulation (2,000 m2), as part of the Kyiv city municipal program to support energy efficiency in residential buildings.

IQ Energy was developed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and is supported by the Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership Fund (E5P)  and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.