El Hamd’s Radiology upgraded its CT scanning and increased revenue

El Hamd Radiology
Luxor Governorate, Egypt
Energy-efficient CT scan unit
Investment Size
US$ 211,569
Energy savings
153.6 MWh per year
CO2 savings
26.8 tonnes per year
Energy efficiency, improved competitiveness

Through investment in energy efficiency, El Hamad slashed 37% of their energy use and increased their capability to serve more

El Hamd Radiology, a private medical services provider located in the Luxor Governorate is specialized in offering a range of essential medical services including X-ray, Computed Tomography (CT) scan, and Echocardiogram (Echo) services.

El Hamd invested in a high-performance CT unit that uses less energy while enhancing imaging quality. The new unit also requires less time in completing each scan compared to the past outdated unit. So this GEFF investment led to reducing costs, improving output quality and increasing revenue as the center can accommodate a larger number of clients during their operating hours.

With an eye on strengthening their market competitiveness, El Hamd management realized that investing in resource efficiency and improved service offering is the most practical and rewarding option.

El Hamd’s US$ 211,569 investment in the high-performance CT unit yielded remarkable results. The center achieved 37% reduction in overall energy consumption, equivalent to 153.6 MWh per year. This substantial reduction in energy consumption along with the shorter scan that the new equipment offers significantly contributed to enhanced profitability.

Moreover, the environmental benefits of this investment were noteworthy. The sub-project led to the mitigation of 26.8 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually – a valuable contribution to combating the threat of climate change.

Participating in the GEFF program also offered EL Hamd free technical support by a team of qualified consultants who manged to help steer the project to comply with the GEFF requirements, and to quantify the investment’s expected financial and environmental benefits.

GEFF Egypt was developed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and is supported by the European Union Neighbourhood Investment Facility.