El Helal & Silver Star modernized production by increasing energy efficiency

El Helal & Silver Star Egypt Company co.
Sharqiyah Governorate, Egypt
Replacement of Plastic Injection Machines
Investment Size
US$ 280,490
Financial results
33% energy cost reduction, 54% production increase
Energy savings
2,293 MWh per year
CO2 savings
340 tonnes per year
Energy efficiency, Increased production output, improved competitiveness

El Helal & Silver Star lowered energy costs by replacing aging machines with a servo energy-saving system

El Helal & Silver Star, part of the El Helal Group, stands as one of Egypt’s leading plastics processing companies. With roots tracing back to a small Cairo workshop in 1961, the company has grown into a highly regarded business entity, specializing in the production of diverse plastic products, including basins, baskets, buckets, juicers, and more. Located in 10th of Ramadan City in the Sharqiyah governorate, this subsidiary is part of a larger group of sixteen companies under the El Helal umbrella.

Seeking to enhance its operations’ productivity and competitiveness, El Helal & Silver Star Egypt improved the energy performance on its production facility by investing in the replacement of 7 conventional hydraulic plastic injection machines, known for being high consumer of energy with 8 modern machines operating with a servo energy-saving system to reduce energy consumption, thus production cost, and to increase production capacity.

Convinced that increased operational efficiency and productivity will allow them to maintain their market competitiveness, making the investment decision in the is Sub-project was only natural. This technological advancement allowed El Helal to broaden their revenues and enhance profit margins.

El Helal’s investment of $280,490 to upgrade its production line paid back a quick return by reducing primary energy consumption by 33%, equivalent to 2,293 MWh per year. This reduction, coupled with increased production capacity made the pay back on investment less than 3 years. As a biproduct of this reduction in energy use, approximately 340 tonnes of CO2 emission per year were mitigated, contributing to combating the negative impacts of climate change.

Participating in the GEFF program also offered El Helal free technical support by a team of qualified consultants who helped quantifying the financial and environmental benefits to El Helal, thus allowing the company to make informed investment decisions.

GEFF Egypt was developed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and is supported by the European Union Neighbourhood Investment Facility.