Electric vehicles beyond personal use

My Office
Tbilisi, Georgia
Electric vehicles
Investment Size
US$ 82,700
CO2 savings
5 tonnes per year
Establishing a precedent of electric distribution vehicles

Electric vehicles reduce business operating costs

Established in 2014, My Office is a Tbilisi-based company that sells office equipment, paper products and stationery, but mainly specialises in printer sales, cartridge refills, and office equipment repairs. It is the first and only company in Georgia that produces its own printer cartridges. The company also offers free delivery throughout Georgia on orders above GEL 150.

As a company with its own distribution and delivery network, My Office was looking to upgrade its vehicle fleet. Keeping up with the newest developments in the automotive industry, the company’s management looked into electric vehicles and decided to go the sustainable route.

In order to finance their new upgrade, My Office approached a bank that offered green financing. At this bank’s recommendation, the company took advantage of the GEFF’s Green Technology Selector (GTS) and looked through the catalogue’s electric vehicle category to select the cars that most suited their needs. Using the GTS, the company could simplify the loan application procedure and they were able to get financing without making any additional customisations to the product. As a result, the company purchased six electric vehicles, combining effectiveness with care for the environment.

The investment has allowed the company to decrease its annual operational costs by US$ 2,800 without sacrificing any of the services it offers. The money saved on petrol can now be used by the company to explore more ways of expanding. The new vehicle fleet will also enable My Office to decrease its CO2 emissions and be a more environmentally friendly enterprise.

“Now that our vehicle fleet is fully electric, we are actively thinking about adopting other sustainable technologies for our business. Our next venture might be installing solar panels on our building. Being environmentally friendly is not only responsible, but also sensible for businesses” – Giorgi Kakhuashvili, founder of My Office. 

The project is supported by the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF).