Energy efficient and modern Medical Centre

Medical Centre in Isfana
LED lighting, water-saving taps and toilets, building insulation,
Investment Size
USD 23,333
Energy savings
296 MWh /year
CO2 savings
72 tons/year

Founded in 2009, the medical center was originally located in a 300 m2 facility, catering for the medical needs of the population in the area. In 2012, a new purpose built facility was constructed to expand and improve the medical services quality. However, the new building did not aspire to any more stringent energetic performance values.
“To treat people seeking medical aid, our facility has to be warm. But the newly constructed building turned out to
 be very cold. Furthermore, electricity has become more expensive I recent years and supply is limited, forcing us to use coal to heat the center and we burned about 20 tons per heating season. This is a substantial cost for us”, says Jarkynai Ganyeva.


Focus on accurate diagnosis and prescription of adequate treatment of patient under one roof

Construction for the expansion and at the same time improvement of the building’s energy performance started in 2017. The building was insulated, modern resource saving technologies were installed and at the same time the clinic upgraded its medical devices to a new high standard.
 “Now we have all the necessary equipment to conduct a complete analysis, just like the best medical centers in Bishkek. Up to 50 patients can receive comprehensive medical care from specialists in various fields per day,” said Jarkynai Ganyeva, head and owner of the medical center. The equipment in the new clinic and the qualifications of doctors allow for diagnostics and treatment services, which patients could previously only receive by visiting several institutions or even by travelling to the large medical centers in the capital Bishkek.