Energy-efficient household appliances please a new owner from Shakhtinsk.

A resident of Shakhtinsk city
Shakhtinsk, Kazakhstan
Energy efficient home appliances
Energy savings
2,517 mWh per year
CO2 savings
0,6992 tonnes per year
Energy-saving, high-quality household appliances help to reduce electricity costs
GEF, Federal Ministry Republic of Austria, EU

Energy efficient household appliances - necessary equipment in every house!

A resident of Shakhtinsk city has recently renovated her house. The kitchen turned out to be especially beautiful and bright. But the place for the refrigerator was empty. The woman had long to buy a new refrigerator, but she did not have the whole amount for the purchase, and it was also difficult to choose an appropriate model.

The woman learned from acquaintances in the neighbouring house that there is a family who was going to move to another city. They were selling furniture and equipment. Having met with the seller, she found out that not only the refrigerator but also a washing machine were put on sale. The equipment was almost new as has been purchased quite recently. The woman decided to buy both items. She applied for a loan to the Microfinance organization (MFO) “KMF”, where she learned about the Green Economy Financing Facility (GEFF) programme from the EBRD. The consultant helped her to check the eligibility of the equipment for the GEFF programme. The woman was happy to know that both models were registered in the Green Technology Selector, and therefore eligible for the GEFF programme. Having received a loan and paid for the purchase, she submitted documents for verification-check. The next month she received an incentive of 10% of the total amount of funds spent.

“I am very pleased with the purchase. I bought high-quality equipment with credit funds and paid even less than in the store. I took out a loan for six months, the loan payments were convenient for me, and the incentive has become a nice bonus!” At the time of verification, the loan must not be repaid. The incentive is paid promptly, until the end of the following calendar month from the date of verification. The incentive is paid to a separate account. It is possible to withdraw the incentive before the loan repayment.

This project was supported by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance.