Energy-efficient technologies decreased the electric bills for Tajik household

Asht, Tajikistan
Refrigerator and washing machine
Investment Size
US$ 620
Financial results
Payback in 2.5 years
Energy savings
83.2 KW/year
CO2 savings
1.21 kg/year
EU, GCF, South Korea

Lower costs and improved comfort with high performing household appliances

Ms. Zamira Eshkuzieva is an individual from Asht district which is located in the north of Tajikistan. She is an experienced teacher with more than 30 years of experience. Many years she considered to replace her old domestic appliances with new resource efficient ones. She made a review of utility bills and concluded that on average, home appliances account for 20% of household’s total bills.

Recently, during a promotional event conducted by the local financial institution in the market, she learned about the green loan and decided to invest. In order to obtain the green loan, Ms. Zamira Eshkuzieva turned to one of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) partner banks for a GEFF loan of 620 US Dollars and purchased a SHIVAKI HD341 A+ class refrigerator, as well as a ROSSO 7LXA +++ washing machine. The installation of a new refrigerator and washing machine allowed the homeowner to use energy and water more efficiently.

“By replacing the appliances in my home with resource efficiency appliances, I think I have made an investment that will reduce energy and water bills for years to come, which is especially important when you recognize that the tariffs are increasing every year. The green technologies help to save money and contribute to a better climate.” said Ms. Zamira Eshkuzieva

GEFF Tajikistan is supported by the European Union, the Green Climate Fund and South Korea.

GEFF Tajikistan [Commercial and Residential] helps businesses and households invest in high-performing technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and/or enhance climate resilience. The program supports gender activities that aim to enhance women and men’s equal opportunity to access finance for green technologies.