Ukrainian pharmaceutical producer becomes energy self-sufficient

Tekhnolog LLC
Cherkasy region, Ukraine
Building insulation, condensing boiler, heat regulation system
Investment Size
Financial results
5 year pay back period
Water savings
CO2 savings
1,021 tonnes per year
EU, Sweden

Tekhnolog LLC takes a step forward to expanding to new markets

Tekhnolog LLC is one of the two pharmaceutical plants of Lekhim group – a leading and well-known Ukrainian producer of pharmaceuticals. The company develops new healthcare products using the brand new technologies. It has more than 15,000 square meters of production facilities and supplies over hundred products to Ukraine and abroad.

Tekhnolog applied for UKEEP financing to reduce energy consumption. The company is actively upgrading its business and production processes to meet the highest operation standards and market requirements.

The UKEEP engineering team assisted the company with development of the energy efficiency investment programme.

The recommended project included the insulation of buildings, installation of the CHP, the condensing boiler and the heat regulation system, renovation of pipes and implementation of the energy management system.

The $537,000 investment programme led to significant savings of natural gas and electricity, namely 64 and 100 per cent respectively. Electricity generation at the new in-house CHP replaced electricity usage from the grid and allowed the company to become energy independent.

The annual energy cost savings of $130,000 allow repaying the investment in less than five years. In addition, the company made its valuable input to the reduction of the CO2 emissions by over one thousand tonnes per year.

This way the EBRD through UKEEP supports sustainable financing of energy efficiency and renewable energy measures by private companies. Together, the private, public and residential sector can make a change in the energy consumption patterns and contribute to the environmental improvement.