Ukrainian pasta producer saves energy with an efficient boiler

Khmelnitska Macaroni Plant
Khmelnitsky region, Ukraine
Steam boiler
Investment Size
Financial results
3 year pay back period
Energy savings
200 MWh per year
Natural gas savings
45 000 m3/year

Good food using less energy

Khmelnitska Macaroni Plant in Western Ukraine employs 176 people and produces over 50 different shapes of pasta. It is one of the three plants of “Ukrainian Macaroni” group, supplying products under the locally famous trademark “Taya”.

The company decided to apply to UKEEP for financing of the energy efficiency project. Inefficient, oversized and outdated steam boilers, which counsumed large amounts of energy, had to be replaced to reduce the energy consumption and production cost.

UKEEP engineering experts supported the company with analysis of the proposed technology and its financial-technical parameters to ensure sufficient level of energy savings.

The final project included the purchase of the steam boiler, dismantling and construction works, project design and chemical water treatment.

The investment of $215 000 resulted in the decrease of the natural gas consumption by 45,000 cubic meters per year. Considering the on-going gas price increase, the investment has a strategic meaning and value. In addition, the electricity consumption decreased by 200 MWh per year. Energy savings alone can repay the investment in just five years, improving the company’s  financial standing for many more years to come.

This investment demonstrates that timely implementation of strategically important measures enhances the future of the business.

This way the EBRD through UKEEP supports the sustainable financing of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects by the private sector.