Refurbishment of residential building in Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Investment Size
Financial results
Payback of 16 years
Energy savings
835 GJ per year (37% of energy usage compared to the pre-investment level)
CO2 savings
45 tonnes per year

Refurbishment of residential building in Bratislava

Toryská residential building in Bratislava, Slovak Republic, was built in 1976. It has eight floors, 48 flats and is occupied by 129 inhabitants. The building is connected to the district heating system (using natural gas) through two-pipe distribution system. Hot water is prepared directly in the building. The external walls are covered with ceramsite concrete panels.

The housing association planned to conduct the building’s refurbishment to reduce energy costs and contacted SlovSEFF for financing and advisory package on investment measures.

The SlovSEFF team assessed the building’s energy performance, its potential of energy savings and advised on suitable energy efficiency measures.

The final investment project consisted of insulation of walls and basement’s ceiling, and reconstruction of the stairway shafts.

The €320,000 SlovSEFF investment allowed the housing association to reduce the buidling’s energy consumption by 33 per cent, which is equal to 835 GJ per year. The resident will feel the investment benefits immediately with the first monthly energy bill. In addition, the heating comfort has significantly increased. Not to forget the reduced CO2 emissions and reduced negative effect on climate.

This way, the EBRD through SlovSEFF supports implementation of sustainable energy projects by the residential sector. Together, the private, residential and public sectors can make a change in the energy consumption patterns and contribute to environmental protection.