Extruder replacement in Romania reduces the energy costs

Indra Import Export SRL
Targu Mures, Central Romania
Extruder replacement
Investment Size
Financial results
Payback period of 4 years
Energy savings
-42% or 752 MWh per year
CO2 savings
438 tonnes per year
70% production capacity increase

Indra Import Export SRL, established in 1996, produces a wide range of polyethylene foils and bags at its factory in Transylvania. The production line consists of five extruders with a total capacity of 2 324 tonnes per year.

Supplier of extruders, Tractebel Engineering (GDF SUEZ), proved that replacement of an old extruder with a new and energy efficient one will lead to substantial energy savings.

Therefore, the Indra company decided to apply to RoSEFF for financing of this project.

The RoSEFF team performed the analysis of this investment, primarily the potential of energy savings, the technical-financial parameters and profitability of the project.

The €400,000 investment allowed the company to increase the production capacity by more than 70% at the same time decreasing the energy consumption by 42%. The energy savings translate into high cost savings, which will repay the investment in just 4 years and will continue for the years to follow. In addition, the company increased the range of products.

This very straightforward project demonstrates that investments in energy savings are very profitable and easy to implement. Equipment from reliable producers will serve for years, securing the energy savings in the face of the constantly increasing energy prices. In addition, the savings are immediate and easily tracked.

This was just one out of a number of successful and profitable energy efficiency investments of the company.

This project is supported by the European Union (EU).