Fresher Food with Energy-Efficient Fridge

Latte LLC
Yerevan, Armenia
Refrigerated cabinets and counters
Investment Size
US$ 50,000
Financial results
Payback in 9 years
Energy savings
74 MWh per year
CO2 savings
18 tonnes per year
Lower maintenance costs, high-quality service

Latte LLC was established in 2013 and operates grocery stores in Yerevan.

Due to growing demand, the chain expanded in the capital city of Yerevan and had to purchase new equipment for opening a new store: cooling systems, refrigerated cabinets and counters.

As most of the electricity consumed in stores was for refrigeration purposes, it was necessary to buy energy-efficient equipment, which company engineers found in Armenia through the Green Technology Selector, the EBRD’s online catalogue of high-performance technologies. The equipment was also financed through leasing by GEFF’s partner financial institution.

The US$ 50,000 investment led to annual energy savings of up to 74 MWh and an 18-tonne reduction of CO2.

“We keep dairy, meat, cheese products, and sweets in the freezers. This investment is significant for us: it saves the energy resources of the company, so the food remains fresh and less waste is produced,” affirms Ms. Anush Vardanyan, store manager at Latte LLC.

This project was supported by the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and Climate Investment Funds (CIF).