Green focus on Women-led Business

Sewing workshop, apparel supplier
Insulation, ventilation, heat recovery, LEF lighting, sewing machines
Investment Size
US$ 36,273
Energy savings
60.2 MWh/year
Electricity savings
(Русский) 60.2 МВт /год
CO2 savings
3.1 tons / year

The company DAANA is a small sewing factory in Bishkek, originally housed in 150 m2 space.
In response to growing demand, the owner of decided to increase the production space to 440 m2, but in accordance with sustainable energy standards. The expanded production space was fully insulated (walls as well as floor). To improve the indoor climate, a new highly efficient ventilation system was installed, which includes modern heat recovery technology. In addition all lights were replaced with modern LED lamps. For the production itself, 26 new sewing machines were installed, which also reduce specific energy consumption.
This project is a wonderful showcase due to the following reasons:
• The business is owned by a woman, who pays great attention to the well-being of her employees.
• The energy and carbon savings are good, but more important benefits include improved indoor climate for employees, higher comfort levels due to better insulation and better health & safety standards due to improved lighting quality.
• The company is growing, in part thanks to the investment, and DAANA has now employed 10 new people – all women.