Green technologies contribute to business development in the Republic of Moldova

Spandor SRL
Investment Size
EUR 360,000
Electricity savings
570 MWh/year
Renewable energy
Solar Photovoltaic System
CO2 savings
748 tCO2
Provides 100% of the energy required for refrigerating operations

Spandor SRL, based in Chisinau, imports meat and offers cold storage services. The owner upgraded the refrigerators to reduce expenses by investing in a renewable energy generation system.

The company has installed a Solar Photovoltaic Plant, with an installed power of 493 kW, which will be able to provide 100% of the energy required for refrigerating operations.

According to the estimates, the investment will generate approximately 570 MWh of green electricity per year and will contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 748 tCO2.

Spandor SRL applied for a GEFF loan through MAIB to finance the investment, requesting a loan for EUR 360,000.

The photovoltaic systems were selected from the EBRD’s Green Technology Selector, an online database with more than 30,000 high performing products that contribute to energy savings and other environmental benefits.

“I already have experience using renewable energy from a previous project. We have a sea buckthorn orchard in the Orhei district, Dîșcova village, where the refrigerators are also powered by a solar photovoltaic system of 153 kW” -said Vitalie Mursa.

The Republic of Moldova continues to be very reliant on energy imports, which have even become more unpredictable in recent years as a result of the instability of the local energy market. The local energy environment has been made worse by this uncertainty (also linked to the current war in Ukraine), which has led to a sharp increase in energy prices. As a result, the growth of renewable energy sources, such as the solar photovoltaic system installed by Spandor SRL, will aid the nation in strengthening its overall resilience, improving its balance of payments, energy supply security, and energy mix.