Healthy energy saving

Innova Medical Center LLC
Tbilisi, Georgia
Investment Size
US$ 322,000
US$ 150,000 saved in energy costs per year
EU4Energy, BMF

Established in 2015, Innova Medical Center is a multi-profile clinic in Tbilisi. It offers a comfortable environment for its clients and provides highly professional services.

At the start of their journey, the management chose an industrial building which fully met their requirements and drew up plans for their future clinic. The company wanted to upgrade the building with energy-efficient technologies. They contacted their partner bank in order to participate in the GEFF programme.

GEFF consultants evaluated the project, conducted a financial and technical analysis, and assisted Innova Medical Center in finding solutions that would maximise its energy-saving potential.

As a result of a US$ 322,000 investment, the company reduced its energy use by 60% and is now saving US$ 150,000 in energy costs each year.

As the general director of the medical centre, Giorgi Kipiani states: “The EBRD’s initiative has been key for achieving substantial results. We can safely say that energy efficiency will be the focus of our future plans and will be the driving force of our company.”

The project is supported by EU4Energy and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF).