Healthy work environment

Vake Hill Ltd
Tbilisi, Georgia
Thermal insulation, windows, doors, heating and cooling systems, LED lighting, elevators
Investment Size
US$ 2,255,660
Energy savings
1,946.04 MW/h per year
CO2 savings
344.59 tonnes per year
Improved working conditions and enhanced environmental protection

Energy-efficient technologies help reduce heat and air loss and contribute to energy saving

Vake Hill Ltd, which has been operating in Tbilisi since 2009, decided to construct a multifunctional building of about 9,000 m2  dedicated to offices, restaurants and a spacious car parking area (the latter been an issue in the city).

With rising demand for high-class office spaces in Tbilisi, the company wanted to ensure that future users are provided with all the necessary comfort to facilitate productive work. According to the company, the groundwork for this level of comfort has to start during the earliest stages of planning and construction.

Equipped with the architectural design for the future building, the company applied for GEFF financing through one of its partner financial institutions. GEFF experts conducted a thorough technical and financial analysis of the project and recommended high-performing technologies that use electricity as a power source as opposed to technologies using natural gas.

New energy-efficient heating and cooling systems along with thermal insulation will minimise the building’s energy demands. Furthermore, high-performance windows and doors will reduce energy losses in both winter and summer. LED lighting system and high-performance elevators make an additional contribution to the total savings of almost 2,000 MWh/y.

This investment will allow the company to save up to US$ 54,000 annually on energy bills.

The project is supported by the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF).