Heat losses eliminated with energy efficient windows

Individual homeowner
Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic
Energy efficient windows and doors
Investment Size
$1,042 loan
Energy savings
1,088 kWh per year
CO2 savings
562kg per year

Basic measures in energy efficiency improve the family's living

Janybek Kulumbetov, a house owner in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic, needed to eliminate the drafts and heat losses through the windows in his residence.

To reach this objective and to reduce the energy bill, Mr Kulumbetov addressed KyrSEFF and its participating bank for financing of new energy efficient windows and doors.

The KyrSEFF facility was more than timely with funding for such measures. The necessary equipment could be selected from the online Technology Selector on the KyrSEFF website – a database where the best available energy saving technologies on the market are presented. With their choice made, the family could apply for the loan. Since equipment was already pre-evaluated for its energy savings potential, the loan approval process did not take long.

The $1,042 loan allowed the house’s energy consumption to reduce by 1,088 kWh per year, leading to decent cost savings. The family will feel the result of the investment immediately, thanks to reduced energy bills and improved living conditions. In addition, the partially enclosed entrance area of the house was completed with two energy efficient plastic doors, keeping the residents warm in winter.

Such measures can be replicated on a large scale, solving several issues simultaneously – rehabilitation of the housing stock, prolonging its lifetime and decreasing the energy consumption of the whole country. The financial mechanism, provided by the KyrSEFF facility, allows investments to be as easy as possible.