High performing equipment for a Moroccan SME operating in the coffee roasting field

Meknes, Morocco
Acquisition of a new packaging machine
Investment Size
€ 81,700
Financial results
Payback time: 3.07 year
Energy savings
0.95 MWh/year (24%)
CO2 savings
0.64 T eq CO2 per year
Improve its competitiveness, penetrate new markets while minimizing its energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions

A new vertical packaging machine for roasted coffee and a conveyor belt

ICE CAFE is an SME specializing in the import, roasting and distribution of coffee. The raw materials used by ICE CAFE, i.e. unroasted coffee, packaging, capsules and machines, are sourced from international and national suppliers.

As part of the modernization of its production facilities, ICE CAFE decided to invest in the replacement of the roasted coffee packaging line. The company was able to benefit from the financing and technical assistance of the Green Value Chain Facility for this investment.

The investment consists of a packaging machine and a conveyor with an average capacity of 2,700 bags per hour, which will generate a 50% productivity gain.

The packaging machine is fully automated with a complete feeding process, weighing, filling bag and output of the finished product. It guarantees high precision throughout the packaging process.

Thanks to this investment, ICE CAFE has modernized its equipment while optimizing its energy consumption (-24%) and reducing waste production and avoided CO2 emissions.

Green Value Chain (GVC) in Morocco is an EBRD credit line that provides financing to local partner financial institutions for the financing of green investments by SMEs operating in value chains. Supported by the European Union, the Green Climate Fund (GCF), the Korea Technical Assistance and Cooperation Account (KTACA) and the EBRD’s Special Shareholders Fund, the facility helps improve the competitiveness of SMEs and their value chains through highly efficient green investments.