Higher production with less energy in Interyarn factories

Alexandria governorate, Egypt
Process machine replacement
Investment Size
EUR 295,000
Energy savings
171.5 MWh per year
CO2 savings
7.22 tonnes per year

Increased production capacity and lower energy bill increase Interyarn’s profitability.

Interyarn is a private share holding company located in New Borg El-Arab industrial city / Alexandria. The company was established in 2003 starting with an Acrylic spinning plant for the production of wool / Acrylic high bulk yarns, expanding over the years to start producing 100 % Egyptian cotton compact yarns.

The company was looking into saving its production cost through reducing energy consumption and upgrading the technology it uses in the production process, thus replacing old high bulk winding machine with the new ones. The new machine can process acrylic yarns, high bulk and/or heat-setting yarns for carpeting, and to bulk blended and dyed yarns. The new winding system is and efficient solution for any yarn type and package format.

The GEFF team performed the project analysis, assessed the potential of energy savings, financial-technical parameters and risks.

The EUR 295,000 investment allowed the company to reduce the energy consumption by 171.5 MWh per year, resulting in the annual costs savings of EUR 4,954, in addition to increasing the production capacity with expected annual revenues of USD 100,000. This means the investment will be repaid out of energy savings in 3.1 years, continuing to generate profit for many years to follow. 

The new equipment led to a reduction of the CO2 emissions by 77.2 tonnes per year, making a valuable input towards mitigation of negative effect of human activity on climate.

GEFF Egypt was developed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and is supported by the European Union Neighbourhood Investment Facility.