Homeowner in Kosovo improves insulation

Malisheva, Kosovo
energy efficient windows, doors, heating boiler and insulation
Investment Size
Energy savings
11 MWh/y
EU, Austria, WBIF

Increasing the comfort of living was the main priority for Dr. Milazim Kryeziu and his eight other family members. The house where they live was built in 1994 and had problems with insulation, during winter time it was always cold and the wind blew from all sides.

They applied through GEFF Programme to improve insulation, but also invested in other energy efficient technologies such as heating boiler, windows and doors.

After investing in green technologies worth a total of €8,700; Kryeziu family from Malisheva was granted to an EU incentive of €1,700, which was paid following the implementation of the works.

This investment helped the family to create more comfortable living conditions but also reduce the energy consumption and bills. They used to pay €120 per month for electricity, and thanks to the investment, now they pay only €40 per month.

Today, the family from Malisheva keeps the house warm and saves 11 MWh per year which is equivalent to removing 2 cars from the streets.

The GEFF programme for the Western Balkans is supported by the European Union (EU), the Federal Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Austria and the Western Balkans Investment Framework in cooperation with the Energy Community Secretariat (ECS).